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About the book

Have you ever watched a documentary on how salmon swim upstream? It’s a perfect picture of how most people think and feel about financial independence. Whether young or approaching retirement, self-employed, or building a career, it seems like an exhausting upstream battle. The rushing water could be compared with the nonstop flow of information, contradicting opinions, and the jargon financial professionals use. More Wealth, Less Taxes teaches you how to navigate these tumultuous waters (and avoid the grizzly bear) so you can achieve your financial goals more efficiently.

Meet the author

Lance Belline is a Certified Financial Planner and CEO of Lighthouse Financial, an advisory firm in Rogers, Arkansas. Lance communicates in plain-spoken English, with warmth and familiarity. He makes the complex understandable, using before-and-after stories to demonstrate his wisdom. He’s motivated by a desire to see others around him thrive financially. He teaches them to grow wealth, give generously and maximize tax efficiency. When he’s not helping others navigate financial waters, you can find Lance skiing on the waters, swinging on the golf course, and spending time with his wife and three children.

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